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Top 5 Car Tracking Apps in 2019

If you are among those who often forget where they parked their car, you need to have a dedicated car tracking app. Android users are already blessed with multiple apps for this purpose. You need to visit the Google Play store to get these apps in your Android device.

Here’s the best car tracking apps for Android:
1. Google Maps
You can do various things quickly with the use of Google Maps. It is one of the best car tracking apps that can show the exact location of your car on the map. If you forget where you last parked your car, open the Google Maps apps and check it out. Other than this, you get step-by-step directions and even construction or traffic information on the way too. Get this one of a kind app in your Android device.
2. Hurdlr
Hurdlr app is specially designed for the working professionals. It is ideal for people who drive to work. This app lets you know various essential factors such as the amount you spend on fuel, how far you cover while driving, and more. All the information provided in this app will be useful at tax time. Download this app in your device from the Google Play store.
3. LoJack
There is nothing as best as a dedicated car tracking hardware. You will have to install the module first in your vehicle, which will cost you money and then access the LoJack to track your vehicle. Once you install the tracker, you can easily track your car if it gets stolen. The car tracker is the same for your car just like we use fitness trackers for ourselves. Keep your vehicle safe and secured with this Android app.
4. Manufacturer apps
Other than third-party apps, the apps developed by car manufacturers are pretty great too. Many car companies such as Chevy, Ford, Lexus, and more are included. If you got a brand new car and have a dedicated manufacturer app for it, you must try it. They might work best for you. Find the ideal app by your car manufacturer in the app store and download for use in your device.
5. SpotAngels
SpotAngels make it things easier for the people who stay in big cities. This app feature a community of drivers and even shows you the no parking zones for avoiding parking tickets. You can easily find free parking and book parking deals directly from the app. It uses your phone sensors or car’s Bluetooth to track the parking location of your vehicle. All the major cities of the US are covered in this car app.
Install these apps in your device and make the most out of your Smartphone!
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