Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to Access Android Messages on PC

You might or might not have access Whatsapp for Web on your PC. If you have used it, you must be aware of the convenience it provides. You don’t have to pick up your phone from time to time to check WhatsApp messages that you received. Same as this, you can see Android Messages on PC as well. Android Messages for the web is there for sending and receiving messages directly from your computer. It is effortless to pair the phone with a laptop or desktop for accessing Android messages on PC.

Here how you can get started with Android Messages on PC:

Connect the phone’s Message app with PC

Firstly, you need to download the recent version of Messages and launch the app on your phone. Then, go to the top right-hand side of your screen and tap on the three dots. You will see the “Messages for Web” option on display, tap on it. Now, open the browser in your PC and visit

You can choose the Remember this computer for keeping your phone paired with your PC all the time. Tap on the “QR code scanner’ option on your phone and scan the code from the webpage that you see on your PC. You have successfully paired your phone with Message for Web. All the new messages will now appear in your browser’s window.

Features that you get

You will see the message history in the left-hand section while the expanded chats on the right side. For accessing settings, enabling dark mode, sending feedback, signing out, and more, use the overflow menu on the app. You can even enable the dark theme with the use of the settings section. A lot more things are possible through the settings option. It allows you to pair and unpair Smartphone with the computer, enable options such as high contrast mode and keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Starting new conversations with Messages on PC

For continuing chat on an old thread, click on the particular message from the chat history and reply over there. If you want to start a new conversation, go to the “Start Chat” option available on the top and enter the information asked for sending a message. You will see the list of top contacts over there also. Type the message and add emoji or sticker along with it, and hit the arrow button for sending the message.

In this way, you can use Android Messages for Web and send a message directly from your computer.

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Monday, May 20, 2019

How to Add New Fonts to Google Docs

You can get new fonts through Google Fonts official site which has a 915 fonts families. If you wish to use fonts in the Google Docs documents and on HTML sites, then you should have a Google account. Here’s how to add new fonts to Google Docs.

Steps for Adding New Fonts to Google Docs Documents

• You need to go through the Google Docs document before you start installing the new fonts on the Windows PC.

• Ensure that you should already have a Google account to complete this procedure.

• After creating an account, go to the Google Docs website in your default internet browser.

• Tap on the Blank option.

• Press on the pull-down list of fonts located on the Google Docs taskbar.

• After that, tap on the More Fonts option for opening a new font window on display.

• You can choose many different fonts for adding it on your Google Docs documents.

• Press on the Show option for opening the pull-down list.

• After that, you can find any font from the particular fonts categories.

• Choose the font for adding it into the Google Docs document.

• Click on the OK option.

• Type any sentence in the Google Docs document.

Here are the steps mentioned below to install Extensis Fonts on the Google Docs documents:

• Go to the Google Docs document.

• Choose the Add-ons option.

• Enter “Extensis” into the text field.

• Press on the Return button.

• Tap on the plus free option.

• It will start installing automatically once you give permissions for installing it on the system.

• Once you have completed the installing process of Extensis Fonts, start activating the font.

• Open the Add-ons menu and after that, choose the Extensis Fonts option.

• Click on the Start button.

• Now, the Extensis Fonts will get open in the textbox.

Steps for Adding New Fonts to Windows by Using SkyFonts

• Go to the SkyFonts official website.

• Press on the Download SkyFonts option for adding the application to Windows.

• You have to create an account on SkyFonts by tapping Sign Up.

• Click on the Browse Google Fonts option located on the SkyFonts website.

• Press on the SkyFonts option for adding any font to Windows.

• After that, click on the Add option for installing the selected font on the Windows PC.

• Once the chosen font is completed its installing process, you can now add installed font in the Google Docs document.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Frustrated With Junk Email? Easy Ways to Block It

Doesn’t matter how much efforts you make to avoid spam or junk emails from your email account. However, one can easily conceal most of the spam or junk emails in a spam folder by simply using the filters available in your email account, but some spam will take some more space or avert being filtered out. Well, there is still not an effective way to permanently remove all spam or junk emails from your email inboxes, although below we provide some effective ways that will diminish the quantity of spam or junk emails from your inbox. Underneath we mention some most common causes of Junk emails which you have to remove from your account inbox.

General Causes of Junk Emails

For removing Junk or spam emails, you have to believe the source of these type of emails. Usually, spammers are one of the reasons behind these emails and the ways users use to flood you with some spam emails. Though, the most general forms of spam you have possibly experienced are commercial ad emails from genuine retailers or any other companies. Chances are higher that when users are signing up for an account or service with any of the companies, also, one may have to log in for their weekly circulars/newsletters/or emailed coupons. Many times, spam email which is caused by the users offering an email address to a lawful or genuine company might be irritating, but generally, it is harmless for the users. Although harmful spam or junk emails do exist in every email account that completely harms your email account. Spammers normally send these type of junk emails not by some other highly regarded companies. Well, there are various ways by which the spammers or hackers quickly get your email address such as a list of few email addresses that were stolen directly from the internet service providers.

Here we provide you some simple and most common ways of completely blocking the Junk or Spam emails from your email inboxes. The methods are mentioned below.

Simple Steps to Stop Spam or Junk Emails

Underneath we discuss the complete process of removing or blocking spam or junk emails. Though the process is quite easy, to make it easier we suggest you follow the steps in the same sequence as mentioned below. Doing this, in the same manner, will help you in saving lots of time and efforts. Here how to do it:

Unsubscribe Harmless Spam from Commercial AD Spam

As we already know that commercial ad spam from any trusted or some other companies is usually harmless for the email accounts. In case, if someone is already receiving any commercial ad spam from any trusted company or email and user want to block it, they can easily do it by following few simple steps which are mentioned below:
Firstly, click to log in to your email account.
Once you logged in, click to launch any of the commercial ad emails that you want to unsubscribe.
Scroll the list to the bottom of the message and choose the link to unsubscribe from promotional emails. Instead, if you don’t want to unsubscribe the promotional emails, remove it from the messages.
Choosing the link wasn’t help you in unsubscribing you from any other thing, and it might allow a spammer to know your email address is valid and ready to receive any spam emails.
After doing it, you will successfully unsubscribe harmless spam from commercial AD spam.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

5 Tips and Tricks to Master Idle Island City Builder

Idle Island- City Builder is a game wherein you need to build a whole new city on your own private island. You can expand your estate business, make money, and grow your empire to become a real estate mogul. Let’s go through the best tips and tricks to help you master Idle Island City Builder.
  • Keep tapping the airplanes
Every once in a while, you will be able to see the silhouette of an airplane flying over your city. Whenever you see any plane’s shadow, just shift the camera till you find the airplane. Tap on the airplane, and then a package will get dropped. This packet will contain quite a bit of cash. Hence it is important to collect it. Since these airplanes keep passing frequently, it is essential to be vigilant.
  • Keep tapping the red invite button
Whenever you have the task to run a new city from scratch, you need to keep tapping the button for inviting citizens in order to populate the new city. Initially, when the construction has just started, you will get a notification that it is time for fulfilling the requirements of all the approaching citizens. As it doesn’t cost much to add more buildings and vehicles in the neighborhood, it is not a hard job to keep the citizens happy.
During the course of upgrading your new city, you need to habitually double-tap the red invite button at the bottom of the screen. This button functions like a mater and gets empty as you keep tapping on it. When it drains completely, you will not be able to invite many people. Wait till the meter gets replenished, and then start tapping all over again.
  • Claim the free gifts
As you play the game, you will notice that tiny pop-ups will show up on the upper right-hand edge of the screen from time to time. Find one off the present, and it will contain a lot of money. In case the pop up comes with a Play button, then you will have to watch an ad in order to claim the gift.
  • Do not stop researching
The Research icon is located right above the red button located at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Research icon and a menu containing the different research options will appear. Tap on Better Inviting, and it will make the city dwellers bar recharge at a faster pace, this way you can quickly grow. The Newcomers Bonus increases the purchase value bonus for every newcomer. Purchase Rate enhances the purchasing rate by ten percent.
All the researching you purchase will help you increase your profits. You can research the cheaper ones in the beginning and gradually get the more expensive ones.
  • Complete the missions
For helping you get the hang of building a new city. Idle Island shall always give you missions to complete. You can view your missions by hitting the button located at the upper right-hand side of the screen, and then you should attempt to complete a maximum of them. When you complete the missions, you will get rewards. These rewards, which are often in the form of gems, can be used for a number of things.
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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Top 5 Car Tracking Apps in 2019

If you are among those who often forget where they parked their car, you need to have a dedicated car tracking app. Android users are already blessed with multiple apps for this purpose. You need to visit the Google Play store to get these apps in your Android device.

Here’s the best car tracking apps for Android:
1. Google Maps
You can do various things quickly with the use of Google Maps. It is one of the best car tracking apps that can show the exact location of your car on the map. If you forget where you last parked your car, open the Google Maps apps and check it out. Other than this, you get step-by-step directions and even construction or traffic information on the way too. Get this one of a kind app in your Android device.
2. Hurdlr
Hurdlr app is specially designed for the working professionals. It is ideal for people who drive to work. This app lets you know various essential factors such as the amount you spend on fuel, how far you cover while driving, and more. All the information provided in this app will be useful at tax time. Download this app in your device from the Google Play store.
3. LoJack
There is nothing as best as a dedicated car tracking hardware. You will have to install the module first in your vehicle, which will cost you money and then access the LoJack to track your vehicle. Once you install the tracker, you can easily track your car if it gets stolen. The car tracker is the same for your car just like we use fitness trackers for ourselves. Keep your vehicle safe and secured with this Android app.
4. Manufacturer apps
Other than third-party apps, the apps developed by car manufacturers are pretty great too. Many car companies such as Chevy, Ford, Lexus, and more are included. If you got a brand new car and have a dedicated manufacturer app for it, you must try it. They might work best for you. Find the ideal app by your car manufacturer in the app store and download for use in your device.
5. SpotAngels
SpotAngels make it things easier for the people who stay in big cities. This app feature a community of drivers and even shows you the no parking zones for avoiding parking tickets. You can easily find free parking and book parking deals directly from the app. It uses your phone sensors or car’s Bluetooth to track the parking location of your vehicle. All the major cities of the US are covered in this car app.
Install these apps in your device and make the most out of your Smartphone!
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